Game Sniper Elite V2 

Sniper Elite V2 is a followup that builds on the previous game. It is a first person shooter set near the end of WW2. Your main task is to stop Russians from capturing the Nazi scientists and expanding their superpower status. The cut scenes and the voice over acting add a nice atmospheric atmosphere to the game to make you believe you are in WW2. Basically you are a sniper and use stealth to complete your missions.
Many of your kills you will take aim with a M1903 Springfield rifle. The aiming mechanism is quite interesting and adds to the atmosphere of the game. Your heart pounds as it is breathing. As you take aim and steady your hand your heart starts beating faster. You need to shoot before it starts beating too fast. As you shoot the bullet launches slowly and you get to watch it from a 360 degre angle as it enters your enemy and splatters the part that you shot using xray vision. This is quite a novelty and makes your kills that much more interesting.
Some irriting things that really annoyed me were that on some levels I could not move even though there was nothing around me. I had to try and move in different directions until it was like I was moving away from an object. This makes the game seem very unpolished. The online multiplayer also has all the normal features of a first person shooter. I tried it many times, but it kept on timing out every time I tried to join a game. You will be very disappointed if you are used the quality of play of games like Call of Duty.
There is quite a lenghty campaign that will keep you satisfied. There is variety as you enter various war struck areas. You get to rescue prisoners, blow up tanks and sabotaging your enemy. However, much of the game is stealth so if this is not your cup of tea then I suggest that you give it a miss. You need to ensure that your aim is spot on otherwise you will require several bullets to kill your enemy.

With so many titles in the first person shooter genre this game is merely average.

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