Fifa 16 PS3 Review

the new serie of fifa’s game is out since september : Fifa 16.

In this video game of football (soccer) you now use much of a distance and a standing tackle. The precision dribbling allows you to gain a yard or so to give you an opportunity to score a goal. The player impact engine is almost two years in the making and allows for very realistic collisions between players.

You most likely will spend most of your time playing the career mode : but it’s easy to buy coins fut 16 to gold farmers… This is a simulation of a full season where you can play as a player, manager or both. It is very time consuming, but realistic. You get to buy players during the transfer period and play matches as they would happen in a normal season. This mode has been improved and is more engaging. Some new features that have been added is that you have a youth scout. When the transfer deadline approaches you have 12 hours to finalize all your transfers like in the real world. Also players are more interactive and they will bug you if they want to play or need a rest. The commentary sometimes also includes comments about live things that are happening during the season.

PES16Online play has more features than before. As you collect experience points this also counts towards your sports football club. This gives them a position on the international league table which resets on a weekly basis. You also get to play quick ranked matches where you are matched with an opponent of a similar skill level.

Fifa 16 represents an amazing improvement on FIFA 15.

It also includes FIFA Ultimate Team 16 which was previously only available as a dlc after purchasing. You get to build your very own team through buying and selling players. However, you start with a very average bunch of players.


If you are a soccer fan you have no option except to buy it.

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