LA Noire Review

LA Noire is set in Los Angeles, 1947. You play as a detective  called Cole Phelps who has recently graduated from from police academy. You’ll find the story reference the passed with black and white cutscenes coming nicely together as the missions unfold. Revealing how Cole Phelps became a detective. LA Noire although a sandbox game is more linear than Grant Theft Auto.  The backdrop environment is laced with neo marquees ,rain slick boulevards and jazz clubs.  LA Noire is a cinematic experience that borrows heavily from classic 1940s and 50s film noir and neo-noirs like Chinatown and LA Confidential.

NOIRE1Where smoking cigarettes is still a classy fashion statement and the abuse of women is a man’s manly prerogative.

LA Noire’s boast an impressive facial animation technology called Motion Scan. The technology uses multiple high-definition cameras to capture an actor’s facial expressions in 3D for use within the game’s engine. The results are startlingly life-like, even if some of the facial performances are a bit exaggerated.There is no doubt that LA Noire surpasses Heavy Rain to set a new benchmark for facial animation in a videogame. Sadly, the Motion Scan technology wasn’t used for the body animations, so they do look a little jerky and wooden compared to the facial work.

Much of the game involves collecting bits of evidence, questioning witnesses and suspects, and working out how everything is connected. A bit like stalking your ex on Facebook then, but with more serial murders and pyromaniacs. The collecting bits of evidence part is straightforward enough – you’ll spend a lot of time gumshoeing around crime scenes and waiting on the telltale controller rumble to point out anything worth inspecting, and making a note of it for later.

It’s the questioning witnesses and suspects part that really makes this game, though, and was also largely responsible for its numerous delays. Team Bondi put a lot of development time and cash into its MotionScan tech, and simply enough, you’ve never seen anything even remotely like it in any game before, ever – ever.

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