Review of Dark Souls PS3 

Dark Souls is the follow up to Demons Soul. It is a third persion dungeon RPG game.
As in a typical RPG game you first need to create your character and define the
characteristics. It has a very dark vision and the focus is on the game. There are
no cinematic distractions. You enter a kingdom with many horrors. There are knights,
gargoyles and ogres. It is a fascinating world.

darkThe world mainly consists of regions and is a large area of tunnels, swamps, caves
and towns. The gameplay mainly consists of unique challenges where you have to
creatively strategize to overcome the level.The game is extremely challenging and I
would have given it a higher score if the game were easiery to play. You need to
devote all your concentration as the game is very unforgiving. For the amateur game
player the level of difficulty will be extremely frustrating.

The further that you go into the game the more horror and twisted the game becomes.
A major part of the strategy are bonfires. You need to rest at a bonfire to restore
your health. The problem is that when you die you start again at the bonfire you
last rested at. Also the enemise that you killed afterwards regenerate as well. You
also get to usee melee combat when you are close to your enemies and magic.

The crucial part of Dark Souls is the online multiplayer. The game is so frustratingly
difficult that it is very unlikely that you will finish it by yourself. However,
if you go online and play as a collective it becomes substantially easier. You can even
summon help at certain difficult stages of the game especially boss fights. You can do
this even when you play offline. I think that the developers especially made the game
difficult to do this.

Overall Dark Souls is an excellent RPG game. However, I have reduced the rating as it is
frustratingly difficult.

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