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With the Xbox version of FUT 16, it’s apparent that EA was sick and tired of being upstaged by Konami’s Winning Eleven series. The Vancouver-based dev team decided that enough was enough, set their sights on ousting WE from the top of the soccer game food chain. When you take into account the FIFA licensing (that WE doesn’t have), I’d say : MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

EA decided to create two fairly different soccer products for the Xbox and Xbox 360 this year. Of particular interest is the Xbox 360 version of FIFA 16, for it contains a gameplay engine that is the future of soccer gaming – at least in EA’s eyes. EA has ventured out on the limb pretty early with FIFA 16’s 360 engine. Is FUT 16 for the Xbox 360 too far ahead of its time, or is this first-model-year SKU worth digging into ? And who needs buy now ?


EA’s next-gen catalog is, for the most part, an early-adopter’s dream. The first titles in EA’s big series are usually retail betas of items that we won’t see until the Xbox 720 releases in three years. Autosculpt, EA Sports Lab, and UCAP are just a few of the items that will become commonplace in EA games.

FUT 16 is as “brand new” as a title can get, as it has been completely overhauled with gameplay features that will surely make it into the next few iterations. The biggest change in FIFA 16 – and the one that really separates the next-gen SKU from the previous-gen entry – is that ball and player physics are now two separate entities. In previous FIFA games (and the current Xbox version), the action is animation-driven, which means that the ball is always drawn to a character’s foot. There are no arbitrary ball movements, since the ball is seemingly tethered to a player’s foot, which means that predictability is right around the corner.

 The dependent ball physics of past titles are particularly troublesome and predictable when it comes time to take a shot on goal. The goalie has the same few angles to cover and shots to save, as these are tied to the ball coming at him. Experienced players can memorize these few goalie moves, and change their shot taking technique to “trigger” an animation that causes the goalie to miss. For instance, a quick lateral move inside the box almost always registers a goal in FUT 16

The dependent ball physics system in previous games has been scrapped in favor of a system for FUT 16  that gives the ball a “mind of its own”. In FIFA , you can play the ball into space, and it will react much more realistically to speed and weight. The ability to touch the ball one direction and run your character a completely different way has huge benefits, as skilled players can play a ball ahead and run in an unorthodox path to the pill in order to confuse the D.

But perhaps the biggest benefit of independent ball physics is when it comes time to take a shot. The sliding power gauge is nearly the same (tweaked a bit for character skill), but shots can now end up in any portion of the net, based on the player’s strike and the physics imparted on the rock. This creates interesting situations where goalies can be beaten by an odd bounce (as in the real sport), a rocket shot that they might tip but not fully save, or by a curving blast that is simply misplayed.


fifa2  The ball isn’t the only thing that has gotten some love in FIFA 16 for the Xbox 360. The aforementioned Sports Lab debuted at E3 2015 with fifa 16 crédits , and is in full-swing in FUT, creating players that really seem to be held to the pitch by gravity. Lesser techniques create character that float on the pitch, or ones that can stop and turn on a dime, which we all know is rubbish. For a player to move abruptly in one direction, inertia tells us that weight must be planted and shifted for the desired result. The characters in FIFA Soccer 07 abide by the laws of physics, which instantly makes the action on the pitch more believable looking. Playability is also amplified with these techniques since maneuvers that should take more time to complete (a 360 for example) actually do.

Player attributes have been moved much more to the forefront in FUT 16, which means the stars really shine out there. The system that defines what makes a licensed player good (or bad) has been made more resolute, and includes tendencies which modify base attributes. The increased resolution creates an A.I. system which has tons of variety, as each and every player is a bit different from another – there’s no carbon copies here.

The feature set of this game is pretty standard fare. EACA did revamp the Manager mode, which now allows players to be upgraded through play. The online doesn’t include the fancy Interactive Leagues feature of the previous-gen version of FIFA, but playing four-on-four is a HUGE plus over some of EA’s other sports titles. And the Challenges are back, with over eighty different ways to make you pull your hair out. Yes, these challenges are fun, but many are not for the faint of heart or weak of thumb.

 Gameplay Impressions :

The FIFA licensing is well-utilized in crédits fifa 16 pas cher and is what you have come to expect in recent years from EA. This licensing is a BIG deal, and is sometimes overlooked in titles, but having the world’s best players and the world’s best clubs at my fingertips does instantly put FIFA a step ahead of games that don’t have the same luxury.

But we all know that EA has had the stars and the clubs for years, and this isn’t really anything new. So what of the new portions of FUT 16 for the Xbox 360 ? They’re pretty solid, in fact. The Sports Lab work enables gamers to play FIFA Soccer  more like a person would play soccer in real life which is really the goal in any sim-style sports game, isn’t it ?



The weight and individuality that each player carries on the pitch is nearly spot-on. There’s definite room for improvement in the area of tying all of these nice character animations together, however. This seems like a company-wide problem in the HD era for EA, and not necessarily this title alone. Every now and then the characters will animate less smoothly from frame-to-frame (it seems like a transitional issue in the coding), and there’s a lack of consistency in the speed of the sets. For example, you may go to do a freestyle move, which results in your player speeding up unrealistically. Once EA figures out how to smoothly tie together animations and stabilize the speed between athletic moves, they’ll have hit the mother-load of sports-based photorealism.

The ball physics moving independently of the characters is surely the future of all sports gaming. The system in FUT 16 is already fairly polished. There are some instances where the drag between the ball and the ground is too high, but mostly the rock skirts where it may about the pitch.

Graphics and audio

An issue of player “grease” which popped up in FIFA 15 has been pretty well taken care of in FIFA 16. Characters look much more realistic, and much less made of Plasticine. The facial maps on the star players and their general MoCap swaggers are very authentic – it’s the best that EA has offered in a soccer game to date. The aforementioned animation hiccup does affect the graphics some, for the players look a bit jerky out there, but the general physics system (which gives the character’s weight) makes up for a large part of this anomaly.

The booth broadcast is usually unflappable in FIFA games, but I noticed some issues with it in FUT 16. The performance by the broadcasters is still wonderful, and the written dialog is realistic, but the important matter of synching the words with the action is a bit off. This doesn’t happen with every possession, but I often found that the call was a few clicks behind the action, or totally cuing the wrong audio piece for the play. The redeeming aural bit in FIFA is that the soundtrack is an amazing international brew, and the sound effects (including crowd chants) are second to few.

 The Bottom Line

As mentioned above, EA likes to captivate early adopters with technology that may be a just a stone’s throw from perfect, and FIFA for the 360 is a perfect example. The independent ball physics are about where they need to be, but the interaction of player with said ball is still a first touch or two away from being the cat’s meow.

FUT 16 for the Xbox 360 is still worth picking up for the excellent graphics, and for a glimpse into the future of sports gaming. Those looking for the most complete and best playing soccer game this year will still want to grab FIFA for the big black box.

trailer of the new season of FUT FIFA :

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