Infamous 2 Review

When starting a new game you always think about what it is going to be like. When playing a sequel to an already great game you ask yourself is this going to be better than its already awesome predecessor. What new powers, enemies and landscapes will they come up with? Will the graphics improve? How can they improve an already magnificent game ?

Well the guys at sucker punch productions did exactly that. Continuing from the first game infamous 2 begins with an intense cut scene and fierce battle with foretold “the beast” from the previous game. Cole now has a surname. And some new friends helping Cole prepare from the upcoming fight against the beast. Yet things don’t go the way they planned. And Cole losses his powers. That’s all I’m allowed to tell you. But Cole and his friends named zeke and kuo go to a new place too get a new ray sphere so that Cole can grow stronger for the upcoming battle. Infamous is an open world action adventure game with some RPG elements. Mainly The weather effects, how civilians respond to Cole and the colour of Cole’s electricity.  Infamous 2 does what all sequels should do. Improving an already impressive formula. Infamous 2 still contains the comic book style cut scenes but also has new stunning in game cut scenes. The graphics of infamous 2 have been thoroughly improved. Cars, buildings even Cole looks better.

infamous-picInstead of reapers and dustman you begin fighting a group of enemies called the militia who run the city called new Marias the city Cole and his friends reside in now. As the game progresses you encounter a new variety of freakishly scary monsters in all shapes and sizes and mutated human men with different powers. The variety of new enemies and new bosses create a world where you are always learning and mastering the usage of your powers. Every enemy is different thus creating a deep need to adapt and improve your skills. Thus making infamous 2 more challenging and less repetitive than the first one. The fact that zapping them with bolts of electricity just isn’t enough makes for some interesting gaming

Levelling up is probably the biggest pain in the game because now you are forced to do side missions and perform stunts, it creates longetivity in the game but takes away the power of the main story because between the main missions if you want to level up you have to do side missions… but doing those side missions are totally worth it .the rewards are amazing powers making you into a force to be reckoned with Rambo look out.  In addition to Coles usual electric attacks there are new ionic attacks which see you utilising ray sphere rays to create a new variety of attacks. And different ways to pulverise your enemies

Cole was once upon a time a lone wolf now he has found a pack of “freaks “just like him, friends with powers who help you through  various missions but once again it boils down to the choice between red or blue. As the game progresses a new element becomes available to Cole depending on which of your team mates you side with. Decision making has become an even bigger part to the game. Choices have become harder and complex than before. Making it fun and interesting with a variety of twists

The variety of sounds in the game (Rock Band is a must to read for this) creates a strong feel to the virtual world which Cole inhabits. Some vivid sounds like when Cole recharges himself really stress the amount of power he absorbs. All electricity and lightning sound effects are perfect. Even the fire and ice effects are spot on. Cars, conversations and terrain effects are accurate. The sound effects on infamous 2 are top notch. The voice actors are brilliant delivering their parts with powerful emotions and vigour and vim.

The only flaws I can think of when it comes to infamous 2 are the fact that you are forced to do side missions and perform stunts to unlock new powers and abilities. The graphics are great but there are some aliasing problems and some textures don’t seem to render too well. Every now and then there are glitches which force you to reload the game but it does not occur frequently so it’s not much of a problem. Boss battles can sometimes be a long tedious process. Activating transformers can also be a long process.

Despite all its flaws infamous 2 is still a great gaming giving you almost 24 hours worth of game play. It’s got a deep riveting story. Excellent graphics, challenging enemies, a variety of abilities and the RPG elements, like Runescape ,  in the game are for the win. Infamous 2 is definitely a play again on my list.


good graphics for an open world game despite aliasing problems. Cut scenes and in game movies are excellent. 9.2/10


deep score, excellent voice acting, amazing sound effects of lighting and electricity 9.6/10


playing the game again is definitely an option, tons of side missions and collectables to keep you busy for a long tome 9/10




griping immersive deep the story is one of infamous 2 best elements really giving the player a sense of involvement 9.6/10


a great game which truly makes the player feels powerful. A must have for fans of infamous and all action adventure junkies 9.6/10



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