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The wow gold farmer (gold for Wow ), tell us about « best bank alt city » :

every where you read about starting to make gold, people will advise you to create a bank alt to sell/buy and hold your items. But i have never read anyone say which race is the best to create for a bank alt. Here are my tips :

Best bank alt city

To determain the best race for a bank alt their bank alt we need to look at a few factors, such as how long it takes to get to the auction house from each races starting zone, how close the auction house is to the mailbox and how clutterd up the zone will probably be[may vary per realm]
Here is a list of approximate time taken from starting a character to running to the nearest auction house [Aprroimate due to people can take different routes or get slowed down by mobs attacking them]. Some people prefer to use a level 1 character as bank alts but i dont recommend this as the character cannot be recoverd until it is level 10.


Human – 2 min 39 seconds – Stormwind
Dwarf & Gnome – 5 min 46 seconds – Ironforge
Night Elf – 5 min 45 seconds – Darnassus
Draenei – 6 min 48 seconds – Exodar


Orc and Troll – 7 min 2 seconds – Orgrimmar
Undead – 5 min 22 seconds – Undercity
Tauren – 6 min 25 seconds – Thunderbluff
Blood elf – 4 min 35 seconds – Silvermoon – The bazzar

A short list on how close the Mailbox is to the Auction house :

Stormwind 0 seconds*
Ironforge 12 seconds
Darnassus 6 seconds
Exodar 8 seconds
Orgrimmar 6 seconds
Undercity 2 seconds
Thunderbluff 10 seconds
Silvermoon 2 seconds

Also the time taken from the Mailbox nearest the Auction house to Bank should be noted :

Stormwind 19 seconds
Ironforge 4 seconds
Darnassus 29 seconds
Exodar 31 seconds
Orgrimmar 17 seconds
Undercity 11 seconds
Thunderbluff 13 seconds
Silvermoon 22 seconds

The time taken for all 3 of these results is measured at normal running speed.

It is also to be noted that the auction house in Undercity and Silvermoon [The Bazzar] have mount access. Also you can stay mounted from Bank to Mailbox to Auction house in Undercity.

If you are creating your first bank alt i would recommend :

For a Horde character, an Undead character Because of the close distance between Mailbox, Bank and Auction house, aswell as the faster travel time to Undercity from the starter zone.
For an Alliance character I would recommend a Human character due to the Stormwind auction house trick which makes it so you dont have to move between the Mailbox and Auction house and the fact that the Bank is not terribly far away.
For the data i have collected im sure you can make your own decisions.

An other factor of where you might want to park your banker is how much lag is in a city, Some people may find that the more popular cities are packed full of people which cause lag in the area or could be cities which get targeted regulary for pvp raids in which your factions auctioneers could be killed. Also some people who have very large mounts might like to stand on top of your mailbox obstructing it and making it unclickable.
Movement speed enchants are also good for any banker as you can get where you need to be faster. Enchant boots – Minor speed being the cheapest and available at all levels

The main point of this post can be expressed by a old goblin phrase, “Time is money, Friend !”



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