How to choose what class to play on Aion

On Aion, should you play the steadfast Templar, unwavering at the sight of foes, protecting your companions from certain doom if you fall? Or should you play an assassin or mage, the experts at dealing damage whether from the hymn of an ancient spell, or lethally delivering cold steel from the shadows? Or perhaps the priest may be more to your liking, mending your friends, their life in your hands.

Aion does not make what class to play easy at all! Given there are four basic archetypes: Warrior, Scout, Priest, and Mage. Which further branches into 8 more specialized classes. And think aion gold to finalyse your choice.

To help you choose what class would best suit you to play, I have devised a handful of criterion to consider to point you towards the right direction.


Even before considering the class, we can’t forget the Race ! In Aion, you are given the choice between two factions. Both have deep riveting lore, and are significantly, aesthetically different.

Do you want to be light or dark  ?

When considering the race to pick, you might want to ask yourself two important questions.
Am I Hardcore? My main concern is stats!” and “Can I stand staring at this character for the next hours?”, “will I use much kinah gold ?” (or aion kinah )

Elyos and Asmodians have access to unique spells to their race. So if you are the type of person who needs to squeeze out gold every statistical advantage, this will have an effect on your decision.

Different spells, but balanced for each style.

Also, because you will be spending hours staring at your character, I would suggest to avoid picking Asmodian if you are not into emo-ness. Vice versa, I wouldn’t recommend making an Elyos if you cant stand “fairy boys” as pointed out to me by a friend, who needless to say made an Asmodian.

Best case scenario would be the unique spells and skills you want, and the stylized race that suits your taste.

Armor and Weapon Type on Aion

Here is an interesting thought to consider if you are very conscious of your character’s looks. If you’re like me, someone who despises “robes” (aka a dress on your male toon) with a passion, you may want to stay clear of certain classes. So far, I have yet to find a single game where I can recollect “plate” style armor not to look bad ass! So for me, and others who may fancy certain looks for their characters, proficiency of armor for classes will affect your decision in the class you ultimately play. Let’s not forget weapons play a gold roll to. If you crave to unleash pain with a Great 2 Handed Sword of Doom, don’t bother making a caster because chances are they can’t wield those types of weapons.

Range vs Melee

Are you the type of person who likes to get up close and personal ? Or do you rather opt out for range to unleash fury from a safe distance away ? This is again another critical point to consider before choosing what class you may want to play. Personally, I found both range and melee characters quite fun to play in PVE settings, it’s when I have to deal with PVP that I change my tune. From experience, in crédits fut playing a melee character in Aion, I found myself being “snared” a lot and feeling useless chasing down targets. On the other hand, range characters were a blast to play in both group PVP and one on one duels. Maybe I’m just noob with melee characters, I don’t know. If you are a noob too, pick a ranged class.

Good game !

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