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There are plenty of guides to make or buy golf for runescape out there which tell you the basics of training summoning. This is what I’d reccommend to make to maximize experience while minimizing the cost. I’ll explain why I made this pouch instead of that one and point out a what I think of as flaws in some guides.

Charms and Where to Get Them

The four ways to get the basic charms are: killing monsters, stealing from Dorgesh-Kaan chests,  spending Soul Wars zeal points and the random even gift box. I tend to go with monster killing because it’s fast and I can train up combat skills along the way.
There are only 2 monsters that drop charms 100% of the time: Bork and his ork legions. To get to Bork, you need to do The Hunt for Surok mini quest. I know it’s a pain to navigate through the chaos tunnels in one go, but getting through it to be able to kill Bork once a day is worth the trouble in the long run. After completing the quest, you can use a shorter route to get to him.

Where Does All My Gold Go ?

Spirit shards. Even swapping pouches with Bogrog in Gu’Tanoth, you’ll spends tens of millions of gold pieces buying shards. There’s no way to get around this cost since every pouch needs a shard (or more). I found swapping is more efficient that alching or selling pouches.
Buying secondary (or tertiary) ingredients is the other money gobbler. Some seconds can be bought more cheaply than others if you buy it from a shop or get it yourself. Items like raw chicken, beef, bird meat and rabbit; harpoons, tinderboxes and pots of flour can be bought at shops for less than on the Grand Exchange. If your skills are high enough, you can gather the seconds yourself for free.

War Tortoise, Spirit Dagannoth and Rune Minotaur

I have a bone to pick with any guide that puts these as the “cheap” or “beggar’s way” to level summoning. Oh sure, on the face of it they only cost 26 gold. The downside is getting the seconds for them, which either require highish skills or lots of money to spend.
The war tortoise requires : 1 gold charm, 1 shard, 1 blank pouch and 1 tortoise shell. To get the shell, you have to either kill warped/normal tortoises and pray for a shell drop or buy them from the GE/other players for 5k-6k per shell. Personally, I feel I waste time killing tortoises for an uncommon drop when I could be picking up swamp toads for barker toad pouches instead. I’m also not great at killing warped tortoises since you need to use the crystal chime to cleanse them first.
Spirit Dagannoth require : 1 crimson charm, 1 shard, 1 blank pouch and 1 dagannoth hide. The hide is gotten as a drop from dagannoth under Waterbirth Island. I’ve been down there to get some hides and it’s a nightmare. Yes, I have the combat levels to kill them, but I found the prayer pots I used weren’t paid for by the drops. The hides cost around 3k-4k each.

The rune minotaur requires : 1 blue charm, 1 shard, 1 blank pouch and 1 runite bar. To get the bars freely, you need 85 mining and smithing. The assist system can be used for smelting the bars if you can mine the runite. Otherwise, you’re stuck with buying the bars. The bar costs 16k-18k each and the ore (just the runite) costs 15k-16k each.
Honestly, I wouldn’t consider any of the above pouches as “cheap”. Either you’re buy gold for runescape ‘s supplies to go kill creatures or buying the seconds. If you’ve got the time, skills and means to get the shells, hides and ores to make them, more power to you.


Not everyone likes quests, but they’re a necessary evil for this skill. Links go to the RuneScape Wiki and contain spoilers. Wolf Whistle is required to open up summoning. Other quests I found helpful are:
As a First Resort… – this gives access to Chargurr’s food shop (raw beef, chicken, bird meat and rabbit) and the spa pools.
Enakhra’s Lament – the camulet makes a quick teleport to a granite mine.
Enlightened Journey – access to the balloon travel system.
A Fairy Tale pt 2: Cure a Queen – access to the fairy rings.
The Hunt for Surok – this is a mini quest to get access to kill Bork once a day.
Priest in Peril – opens up Morytania and is the start for a series of quests which are helpful to the Temple Trekking/Burgh de Rott Ramble mini games.
Tower of Life – access to Creature Creation mini game for unicows.


Here’s a listing of what pouches to make, sorted by charm color.

1. Runescape Gold

Once you complete Wolf Whistle, you should be level 4. Now you can make dreadfowl pouches. Go to Canifis and buy raw chickens or kill chickens yourself. Make dreadfowls until level 16, then move up to granite crabs. Granite crabs are the first in a series of pouches you’ll be sick of because they’re the most cost effective for gold charms until level 52. At level 52, you can make spirit terrorbirds. The raw bird meat can be bought at Oo’glog (63 gp each) or the GE (73gp each) or you can train up hunter by catching birds and keeping the meat they drop. If you buy at Oo’glog, use the salt water pool for the run energy boost. Keep making sp. terrorbirds to level 66. Now make barker toads and either gather swamp toads or buy gold runescape from the GE for about 300 gp each.
This is as high as I go with gold charms. The barker toad second is cheap to buy or I can make a quick run around to pick the swamp toads from the gnome stronghold. If you have the time, skills and fortitude to kill tortoises/warped tortoises for shells (war tortoise) or hunt polar kebbits for their fur (arctic bear), you can make those pouches instead.

2. Green

If you’ve done Hand in the Sand and regularly pick up sand from Bert, start making desert wyrm pouches at level 18. Next, at level 28, make compost mounds using a bucket of compost which can be made for free or bought from farming shops for 20gp each. At level 33, work on beaver pouches. Stick with beavers until you can make ibis pouches at level 56. Ibis need a harpoon and you can buy it for 5gp from Gerrant’s fishing shop (F2P only) or 45gp at Harry’s shop in Catherby. Take the time to buy harpoons on a F2P server to save more money. The next pouch at level 68 is the bunyip which requires a raw shark. The only free way to get a shark is to fish for it when you get level 76 fishing. A less skill intensive pouch is the fruit bat at level 69 and it only needs a banana. You can keep making fruit bats or bunyips until level 78 for the giant ent which needs a willow branch that can be gotten for free if you use secateurs on a willow tree you grew. After that, at level 80 you can make hydras with the second of a water orb. Probably the last pouch to make is the unicorn stallion at level 88. It needs a unicorn horn that unicorns drop or can be dropped by unicows at Creature Creation under the Tower of Life. Abyssal titans come at level 93 and need an abyssal charm.
The cheap option is the fruit bat since bananas can be picked for free at Karamja. Any pouches after that I made because the familiar does something worth while, such as the hydra can regrow a farmed tree from a stump (useful for woodcutting yews or magics) and the giant ent double the harvest from special plants like belledonna and cactus spines.

3. Crimson

The pouch at level 32 is the honey badger because the honeycomb is easy to get. I’d make those until level 46 and the pyrelord which uses a tinderbox or level 49 for bloated leeches (using raw beef). If you get tired of making those by level 64, you can make stranger plant pouches. The bagged plant secondary costs 1k from the garden supplies in Falador park. If you can get to level 70, you can switch up to ravenous locusts and the cheap pot of flour item. At level 74, learn to love granite lobsters and chiseling granite blocks down to 500g. I made these up to level 92, though there is the talon beast pouch at level 77 which is THE best pouch exp. They need the talon beast charm, only dropped by nail beasts during Temple Trekking/de Rott Ramble. If you like hunting swamp lizards, you can use them to make swamp titans at level 85. However you get there, at level 95 you can make iron titans using iron platebodies and at 96 it’s time for the pack yak with yak hides. Yak hides are around 150gp on the GE, but you can get them for free by killing yaks on Neitiznot (if you can find an open world).
I made granite lobsters up to level 92, then switched to wolpertingers. Wolpertingers require 2 seconds – wolf bones and raw rabbit – so it takes more time unless you use a Beast of Burden (BoB).

4. Blue

The first blue charm pouch availible is the albino rat at level 23. Raw rat meat is buyable at Canifis and Oo’glog food shops. Next is the bronze minotaur at level 36, introducing a type of familiar requiring a smelted bar as a secondary depending on the color of the bar. The iron minotaur comes at level 46 and the steel minotaur at level 56. At level 55, there’s an alternative in the spirit jelly and it’s inexpesive ingredient of a jug of water. Beefy Bill sells jugs of water for 1gp. At level 57, the spirit graahk, kyatt and larupia pouches are open to you. The graahk is useful for nature rune making because of its teleport to the graahk hunter area on Karamja. The kyatt teleports just south of the summoning obelisk near the Piscatoris fishing colony. If you’re a keen hunter, the furs can be gotten for free. At level 73, you can make the obsidian golem with an obsidian charm. At level 79, 3 titans become open to you: fire, moss and ice. Each requires a talisman and the ice titan needs 1 air and 1 water talismen. When you reach level 89, you’ve gotten to the best blue charm pouch – the geyser titan which also needs a water talisman.
I used up a lot of blue charms on the minotaurs until I figured out I didn’t use them for fighting. I’d say make albino rats to sp. jellies then make the jellies until level 79 and make moss titans. I chose moss titans because the earth talisman is cheapish compared to the others.

Getting to an Obelisk

I use 2 methods of travel, depending on what I’m making at the time. Mostly, I use the balloon route from Castle Wars to Taverly and use a dueling ring to get back to CW. If I’m using a sp. terrorbird to carry seconds, I run back and forth from Piscatoris bank to the obelisk south of the colony.
A method that’s just as fast, but one I don’t use, is teleporting with a sp. kyatt to the Piscatoris obelisk, then using a glory amulet or dueling ring to bank.

The Usefulness of Beasts of Burden

I thought BoB were the best when summoning was first released. Who wouldn’t want a pack animal to help carry loot from a dungeon? Well, they have downsides.
1. Only 3 will carry pure essence and they only carry 7 of it.
2. For skills where you need to swap inventories, BoB are quite time consuming. Example: I tried out a war tortoise for enchanting air orbs. I loaded up 18 blank orbs on the toroise and filled up my inventory with 26 blank orbs. When I got to the air obelisk and enchanted the orbs in my pack, I discovered I couldn’t just swap inventories. I had to drop my orbs in order to make room enough to get what the tortoise carried, then try to fit it all back.
3. They can’t be used for hauling extra planks for construction if you’re not making flatpack items.
They do get better depending on the BoB you’re using.
1. Bull ants and sp. terrorbirds have a special scroll which can boost your run energy.
2. The abyssal familars can carry 7 extra essence.
3. The abyssal titan’s essence shipment scroll sends all the essence it and the player carries to  the bank.
4. The pack yak’s winter storage scroll sends one item to the bank.
5. Any BoB is useful if you want it to carry expendible items. Examples: planks to make flatpack items, bones for prayer at a house altar, ingredients for summoning pouches, food for long dungeon trips.


That’s all I have to say on this skill. I hope this helped someone.

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