Top 5 Gold making resources

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some way you could just make gold with out having to doing anything? I think it would be amazing, passive gold and I’m not just talking about getting a little bit of gold when you kill a boss or when your leveling a new character with gathering professions to make a bit of gold on the side. I’m talking making gold when your not even at the computer. With out you having to put in the effort or time.

Cash Flow

Of course I know a quick way to own gold : look at farming of wow gold on mmo-banque  (french shop with cheap prices)… Now there can only be one source of income in WOW which isn’t directly from your effort, which is Cash Flow.  This guild perk makes it so that every time you or someone in your guild loots a mob which drops gold (silver or copper), 5% or 10% extra is automatically deposited into the guild bank. What is stopping you from creating a guild for the main purpose of getting loads of people to join so the guild will level up and you will be getting gold from you guildies even while your not around.

Being a GM

Its not that simple tho is it, Being the GM of a guild is a lot of hard work with all the recruitment, keeping people happy in the guild etc, it takes time and effort which is not how your ever going to start making passive gold. Is it even morally right to do this? Well that is not for me to decide, but I don’t think that you’re ripping of people who join your guild, they are not losing out on any gold and they are  gaining all the guild perks and the benefits which come with them.

How to?

This isn’t exactly a passive way to make gold just at the moment and it takes time to set up and then effort to run. One think we can do to make it take a lot less effort is to pay someone to be an officer in your guild, get them to invite people and keep the guildies happy etc. The best way I can think to pay them is based on performance like per guild level. I would say around 5000g is a decent amount to pay per level which should perk the interest of anyone willing to do this, you can always try as little as 1k. The main think to think of is that it is a long term investment as you wont start seeing the return until level 5.

Passive Gold

I am not 100% sure this will work tho as quite a lot of people will be just wanting to join the max level guilds, but this is something you could try out on one of your bank alts, Paying someone to completely run your guild and If they are not preforming well you wont loose out on any gold. But if it does work and you end up having people grinding heroics and dungeons, you could end up with a very nice passive gold stream.


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