Metal Gear Acid : chronicle

Ah, yes…Metal Gear, the uber-successful series of all Playstation platforms (and a couple of others, as well).

This episode sends Solid Snake, the seemingly immortal hero, to a laboratory where an advanced sedative was created. The lab is under seige by a mercenary named Leone. Long story short, the lab has a project called Pythagoras, named after the Greek mathematician. Naturally, Pythagoras is yet another form of Metal Gear, the walking battle tank.


The main character is Solid Snake, who hasn’t changed much. He has his usual skills and tricks, provided you have the right cards (see CONTROLS). Other characters include Teliko, your new partner; Alice, a young psychic, and a pair of creepy puppets that kill people on a plane, and let’s not forget Leone.

There are other characters, but I’ve given you the main ones that matter.



To put it simply, the control system completely sucks. In order to even move, you must use “cards.” Yes, the designers of Metal Gear has deigned to implement the Card System into its game. That was the worst thing they could have done. Half the time, you don’t have the cards you need. Even when you do get good cards, you end up using them to move a few squares so the enemy can’t shoot you. Speaking of, when enemies shoot at you, you can’t do anything. You simply stand there and let them hit you. You could use and Evasion Card, but it only works about one eigth of the time. The controls on this game are horrible.



The music on Acid is okay. It’s not quite the traditional “do-do-dooo” type style, but it isn’t bad. It keeps the suspense (what little there is) going.



This game is predictable, overdone, and irritating. You can figure out the entire storyline from near the beginning of the game. But, I was willing to overlook that. The thing that shot this game down was the card system. If I wanted to play a card-based role-playing game, I would have picked up Magic the Gathering (no offense to those who play Magic, I just don’t see the appeal).

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