the story of DOOM

The one that has had the most long-lasting impact on the gaming wolrd, was DOOM, a first-person perspective game in which players stepped into the head of a marine who shoots everything he sees, as the works his way toward a confrontation in the depths of Hell.

Doom was a true team effort, created by group of young computer enthusiasts who had started a company called id Software. Formed on february 1, 1999, id consisted of J. Romero, the well-know creator of dozens of computer games and a legend among hardcore gamers; J. Carmack, a somewhat otherworldly but brillant programmer with a nearly unequaled ability to create incredibly complex graphics engines; A. carmack, a talented artist with a gift for bringing gore and horror to life; and T. Hall, the main designer of Commander Keen, id’s first product and a game that helped establish the company’ s reputation.

Romero first came across the idea of 3D games when he called an old friend at Looking Glass, a company that was designing a game called Ultima Underworld. Intrigued by the concept, he brought it up with John to see if it would be possible for them to create a similar game.

id’s next hit (after Wolfenstein 3D trilogy), and the first game published under the id label, was Doom. it took Carnack 6 month to create engine, programming DoomEd – the game’s map editor, while at the same time doing programming and map design.   Doom was decorated with satanic symbols and populated with demons, images that thrilled gamers infuriated critics of the gaming industry. In the mentime, Doom created a phenomenon unlike any PC before and after it :

Doome set a precedent for computer games. it established the 3D first-person shooter genre, a popular style of gaming that would top the bestseller lists for years. Doom also brought attention to shareware, validating it as a viable means of software delivery and establishing the idea of free demonstration copies as a marketing method.


Doom also demonstrated the entertainment power of multiplayer games. one of the games’s better option was “death match”, a mode in wich players could hunt each other in teams instaed of going after demons and monsters. Doom would become a lightning rod in later years.





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